Get more done each day with custom business systems that automate your repetitive tasks

Free up your time with custom software that does the heavy lifting for you. Leave behind the stress of always being behind and find time to once again enjoy your family and business. Get ready to grow to the next level!

  • More Time
  • Less Stress
  • Accelerated Growth

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You Can Have a Website That Will Make You More Productive

Give Me 2 hour of Your Time, & I'll Give You

A Plan For Your Website

That will multiply your time

a plan that is custom made for Your Business

Business Systems Blueprint

Meet with 3 consultants - create a plan to making your website work for you instead of you working for it.
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It'll take you less than 10 minutes

You have probably had several websites over the years. You hired a friend or a freelancer because you knew that technology was important to the success of your business.

Yet no matter how much you work on it, it continues to be a drain on your time - your most precious resource.

Somehow you need your website to start pulling its own weight so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Before You Hire Another Tech…

You can easily select and purchase a quality product or service when you are already an expert in that field. But what do you do when you don't know the topic very well and you don't have years to learn all there is to know about it?

Magic solutions don't exist. You need a plan of where you are headed and some idea of how to get there. A clever enough sales person can sell anything, but determining what you actually need is much harder.

You have to know what you need before you ask a tech for a quote. Easier said than done - I know. Your website is such an entegral part of your business that you can't separate the two. Which is why you must seek coordinated advice.

Your consultant must understand enough about your business to provide an informed and honest recommendation. They need a clear picture of where your business is at and what it needs next.

They must also understand enough about technology to provide an up-to-date recommendation on the best ways to leverage your website to make your business more successful.

It's like building a house. Before you start digging the foundation you hire an architect to draw up the plans. Websites, like buildings, turn into disaster if you undertake them without a blueprint.

How Does the Blueprint Session Work

You can get Blueprinting services from many places. Most, that we have seen, focus on a single aspect of your business. Often, a technology blueprint will only deal with the website without taking into consideration the overall goals of the business.

Your website is not a stand-alone entity. Your entire business feeds into and intern is affected by your website.

So, with us, you will meet with a team of 3 specialists. Together we will examine the problems your business is facing, determine if they are merely symptoms or root issues. Our goal is to find the foundational issue that is causing you problems.

Then our team will work to create a plan for how to address those issues.

We specialize in designing systems that will automate much of the work. Once they are in place you will be able to spend more of your working hours on things you love. You'll have more time to spend on your priorities instead of on survival.

Best of all, you'll have the satisfaction of helping more people than ever before.

What Exactly Will You Have After a Blueprinting Session?

The goal of the Blueprint is to organize everything you know about your business and where you want to go. After the session you will...

    1) have a simple diagram of your current business systems and your dream business systems

    2) know what the real problems are in your business - not just the symptoms

    3) know where the choke points and bottlenecks are that are keeping you stuck

    4) know what is costing you time, money, and headache

    5) have an estimate of how much these problems cost you each month/year

    6) have 3 viable solutions to start solving these problems

In short you will have everything you need to find and hire a competent developer to build or maintain your website so that it will support your business goals.

3 People Can Help You Build a Better System for Your Business

Jeremiah Stover: Technology and Business Consultant

Hannah Stover: Financial and Business Productivity Specialist

Julia Stover: Marketing Consultant

Whatever step your system is currently at we can work with it. We can improve it. And we can invent a new system that works better than anything you've ever had.

Once we have completed your plan you are free to either hire us (if we have an opening), or take the plan to a different programmer. Any competent programming shop should be able to use our blueprint to improve your business, and turn your dreams into reality.

Who Else Wants to See Success Sooner…

…With Fewer Failed Attempts?

Planning your website with experienced business, technology, financial, productivity, and marketing consultants will increase your chances of success.

We use industry standardised and proven systems to help you conquer the biggest business problems you are facing today. You will also be in a better position to avoid future pitfalls.

By following our advice, you'll find it easier and faster to move your business forward.

You'll know which problem you should tackle first.

Best of all, with a powerful plan and new perspective, we'll be able to implement your new systems quickly, leaving you with more time to relax and enjoy life.

Our consultants have started many small businesses:

  • Yard work & snow removal
  • Estate cleaning
  • Commercial cleaning
  • Elder care
  • Health supplements
  • Small engine repair
  • Computer repair
  • General construction
  • Photography & design
  • Real Estate Investing
  • Programming & consulting
We know what's at stake with your project.

You Need A Plan, But Do You Need This Plan?

Will this plan really work for your business? Every business needs some kind of plan for how they are going to achieve their goals, however, one size doesn't fit everyone so how can you tell if this will be a good fit for you?

If those don't describe you then our approach is not a good fit, you can stop reading here. But if that does describes you, continue reading to find out how you will benefit from everything we've learned about technology and business since 1997.

Can You Talk About Your Business for 2 Hours?

Answer 'Yes,' and you'll never have to worry about your website again. You'll never wonder what to do next or how to do it.

Instead you'll have a custom blueprint for a website built by 3 experts from different areas of business. This blueprint will make sure that:

  • You see the big picture of your business and the challenges facing it
  • You have an action plan that is fully customized to your business
  • Your plan meets your actual needs and is designed to produce results
  • You know what's most important to work on first
  • You are less likely to hire an incompetent developer
  • You aren't an easy prospect to be sold products that you don't need
  • You get your project done faster

This will work for you even when you don't know anything about technology. In fact, we designed this system with people like you in mind.

How to Be Smart In A World of Failing Businesses

You have to know many things to run a successful business. But you can't possibly know everything. Why don't you shorten your learning curve?

You can apply for a Blueprinting Session in 10 minutes or less. Yes, there are only a few openings but…

You Are Guaranteed to NOT Get a Spot If You Don't Apply

It could take you decades to learn what we'll share with you. We only have openings for a few new clients this month. Will you be one of them?

Jumpstart your business with our years of experience

Apply in less than 10 minutes

If after our initial call we decide this isn't really for you we will refund you your entire deposit.

How Long Till I Have My Custom Blueprint?

Not long at all. The exact time frame depends on your availability. You will usually have your blueprint within 10 business days of our 30 minute, preliminary call.

Within 2-3 days of that preliminary call, we'll email you letting you know if we can help your business and to schedule a time to meet, either in person or via conference call. During the 2 hour Blueprint Meeting we'll thoroughly explore your business. After the meeting, we'll review everything we learned, create your custom Blueprint, and mail it within 3 business days.

Experience the Confidence of Using Our Proven Blueprints

You can come pretty close to guaranteeing success. The core model we use has been proven effective with thousands of other small Businesses. And we have successfully used it over and over again with our clients. What's worked before will probably work again. You can save yourself a lot of trial and error by following the pattern of other successful businesses.

Our team will lay out everything you need to do in an easy to use action plan. By building and following this plan you will start saving yourself countless hours which can then be used to work on the next most important thing.

Getting a plan that will work for your business can easily cost thousands of dollars and years of trial and error.

You ARE online. You HAVE read this far. You KNOW you need a blueprint to make your website successful…

So ask yourself, 'What is the most important thing for me to be working on right now?'

Improve Your Chances of Success

Apply for Your Blueprint »

It'll take you less than 10 minutes

It could be the difference between success and failure

No-Risk Guarantee - 100% of your Deposit is Refundable

Our Guarantee to you.

You've got nothing to worry about. Your $79 deposit is fully refundable so if after our 30 minute call, we decide together this isn’t really for you, you will get 100% of your deposit back. So there is absolution no risk to you. If on the other hand you decide this is for you then your deposit will be automatically applied to your blueprint session.