Get more done each day with custom business systems that automate your repetitive tasks

Free up your time with custom software that does the heavy lifting for you. Leave behind the stress of always being behind and find time to once again enjoy your family and business. Get ready to grow to the next level!

  • More Time
  • Less Stress
  • Accelerated Growth

Attention Website Owner:

Technology Problems Reduce Many Businesses
to Bankruptcy and Failure Every Year

Discover how a team of specialists can transform website-monsters into smoothly operating systems

Dear Entrepreneur,

If you are like most people, your experiance of having a website is a living nightmare. In fact, every business owner I’ve ever talked to or heard about agrees with you…technology is a nightmare…

  • Your website is offline regularly

  • Your pages take too long to load

  • Your cart doesn’t accept orders

  • Your clients have to log-in multiple places

  • Your tech doesn’t answer their phone or email

Tasks which should be easy are so difficult you question your ability to stay in business.

And Your Dreams…

  • Financial independence
    - Stolen
  • Work from home
    - Lost in Cyber-space
  • Spend more time with family
    - Deleted

It doesn't have to be this way.

Business Systems Creation

You can start working with a professional team of techs.

Buy the number of weeks you need to implement the plans drawn up during your Blueprint Session.

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Takes less than 10 minutes

You Can Increase the Chances of Your Success

Laziness and lack of experience on the part of your technicians cause most of your technology problems. Experienced and highly trained specialists can prevent most of these problems from occurring and solve the ones that do right away.

Hello, my name is Jeremiah Stover.

Technology will allow you to compete with big businesses no matter how small you are. It can give you the edge that will allow you to get started in the first place. It can expedite your growth and increase your chances of success. I know - I've been in the technology field since 1992.

I personally train and run a team of technology specialist. We help business owners like you build, improve, and maintain, your best web based systems faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

Over 100 Small Business Owners I Know Despise Web Shops Because...

  • They keep their identity a secret
  • The never admit that they don’t know how to do “X”
  • They are lax about keeping the law
  • They know little or nothing about your business
  • They don’t respond to phone calls and emails
  • It takes so long to get anything done you know they’re outsourcing everything
  • You struggle to get a deliverable out of them
  • And many more besides…

Let Your Website Showcase Your Uniqueness

Prepackaged solutions are generalized to help as many businesses as possible. So, you get lots of things you don’t need and you don’t get many of the things you do need. My techs create custom systems tailored to your needs and budget.

Do you need…

      …several pieces of software to work together?

      …a unique shopping cart function?

      …a calculator to find which size of box to use?

      …automatic watermarking of PDF’s?

      …a CGI generator to model their custom selection?


Custom coding gives you a unique offering that allows you to stand out from your competition. A unique site that does exactly what you need and nothing else will improve your customer’s experience and save your staff countless hours of work.

Don’t Let Tech Problems Bankrupt You

Everyone and their neighbor can put up a basic prepackaged site with just a couple of hours of research. You can find tens of thousands of these want-to-be techs all over the internet. They’ll call themselves either a web designer or a web developer.

While they’ll be able to put up a site, there are a lot of things that they can’t do.

They don’t know how to make your site secure nor can they customize it to meet the demands of your growing business.

And if anything goes wrong they are powerless to fix it. Instead they will contact their service provider and wait for days 'hoping' for a solution to pass along to you.

If a pre-packaged website is good enough for your business that is great, you can quit reading here. But if you're unhappy with your current technology solution...

There Is a Cure for Your Headaches

I’ve built websites from scratch for entrepreneurs just like you. Fixed sites after someone else broke them. Broken them myself and fixed them again. I’ve done things that were supposed to be impossible. And dealt with major issues before clients even knew there was a problem.

In short, I’ve forgotten more about computers and websites than your normal web-guy will ever bother to learn.

I have a 3,000+ volume business library that our team constantly uses.

That doesn’t touch all the webinars, courses, mastermind groups…

Then there’s good old-fashioned personal experience.

I spend several hours every day studying various topics to make sure I continue to get better at what I do. I require the same of my team.

I don’t just hire anyone who claims to be a tech. I hire people I know are hardworking and trustworthy. Then drawing on my years in the technology field, I train them to be competent techs - which takes years.

Then they work with entrepreneurs like you to create new systems that do the work for you.

'Custom' Means It’s Specifically for You

It’s a wonderful feeling to watch your website go from an underperforming financial sink-hole, to a working, helpful website. To see it operating and improving without your blood, sweat, and tears. To never again worry about it ruining you.

Every business has different needs. So you may be saying "That’s all well and good but can you help MY business?" The amazing thing about "custom systems" is that they can be applied to all areas of business...

We can and have transformed all kinds of businesses.

If you have a solid business our experienced team can help you improve and expand the business systems in your website. You can reach targets you only dream of. You can see success on a level you’ve never imagined.

Is Technology Actually Worthwhile For Your Business?

It is possible that web and tech problems have almost sunk your business. Maybe even more than once. But you worked harder and survived. That time. As your business grows the problems get bigger too. One of these times - You won’t pull through...

Unless something changes.

Used right, technology can be the fastest way to outdistance your competition and gain market share. It can also automate and simplify many repetitive tasks, freeing up valuable time that can be applied to other things.

All the biggest, most successful companies have systems and are hard at work improving them. Many even maintain a significant staff of specialists. Google. Facebook. Amazon. Craigslist. UPS. John Deere, the list goes on...

You can accelerate change and see explosive growth in your business in a matter of months. But…

…You have to have people who are competent to do what you need. Who understand your business as it is now and as you want it to be tomorrow.

Failure Is Just One Mistake Away

Lots of people claim to be techs. It’s cool! But few actually are. It takes years of hard work to become a skilled programmer, sysadmin, or webmaster.

WARNING: Your web provider has a lot of control over the success or failure of your technology efforts and thus your business. They can hold you back from reaching your potential – both through incompetence and through apathy.

Is this a risk you are willing to take?

  • What if your site isn’t legal?

  • What if you could expand the number of people you help?

  • What if it had custom functionality that made life easier for your clients?

  • What if it could automate many of your repetitive tasks?

Your options are only limited by your tech and your imagination and theirs. Technology is one area you cannot afford to mess up.

Don't let your business go up in smoke.

What Exactly Will You Get?

The goal of creating these systems for your business is to make you more profitable by freeing up your time. To make sure your ultimate goals are met, you will get:

    1) Regular Contact: You'll speak with your tech several times each week. You'll never again wonder what's going on.

    2) Progressive Rollouts: You don't have to wait until your new system is complete before you see it. We roll things out as we go so you'll get to see the progress every week.

    3) Fast Turnaround: Your project will be completed in a very short time. The blueprint lays everything out. Your tech won't have to figure out what to do next.

    4) Email Contact: You can always expect an answer to your emails within 1 business day.

    5) Phone Support: You can call any time 9am - 5pm and talk to someone from our office (who natively speaks English).

You will have the systems you need to grow your business to the next level.

And There's More

You get your own inside contact. So, when you call, you call them not “customer support.” They learn your business so that they can give advice specific to your operations. This knowledge of where you are going allows us to create the best systems for your business.

Just tell us what aspect of your technology you want us to take charge of and we will work on a way to get it done.

No matter how many of our services you use, your office contact will make sure you have a smooth, seamless experience.

One shop. One tech. One set of contact details. One relationship to manage.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Client?

After working with over 100 small businesses, I’ve found there are common traits that pinpoint an ideal client. 4 things in fact:

    1) You persevere in the face of overwhelming odds

    2) You are dedicated to keep trying regardless of difficulty

    3) You are committed to making a difference in your community

    4) You are passionate about serving your customers better

Everything else you can learn along the way. From a viable business idea to marketing, you can learn it.

You don’t need a business degree or $50K in the bank. You don’t have to bring in $100K in revenue every year or dedicate $5K a month to technology.

Can you say that those 4 things sound like you? If so you might be the perfect fit.

What Does It Take To Secure a Client Opening?

Too many shops do a one-time project then send the customer packing. No maintenance, no ongoing communication, no relationship.

We don’t operate that way. We build long term relationships with our clients and continue maintaining and improving their systems year after year. Because of this full life-cycle mentality we have fewer openings and want to maintian a high level of enthusiasm about the projects we pick.

We are constantly growing our team's size and skill level so we have 2-3 new client openings this month. If you are ready to automate your repetitive tasks take a few minutes to introduce yourself and schedule an initial call.

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Takes less than 10 minutes

Technology Doesn’t Have to Be World War III…

…With the Enemy Winning

By working with a professional team you will automatically experience better results. You will be able to build a better website system faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

Specialists who know what they're doing can pre-empt problems. Problems junior techs would code in and then have to fix later. Nothing replaces experience when it comes to troubleshooting and getting new, innovative solutions implemented - chances are an experienced tech has done something similar before – this will decrease time from idea to launch which ultimately decreases your cost.

The bottom line is that experts code sites that work better and for longer. Do you want a newbie to practice at your expense? Or an experienced team to produce the system you need?

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10 minutes lasts a lifetime

Life Will Never Be the Same Again

You have personally seen several major technological shifts. Some good. Some bad.

Cell phones. Streaming video. Social Media. Technology is continually changing and improving. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

If you want to…

    …gain and keep a competitive advantage…

    …keep confidential data secure…

    …become an industry leader…

…you must have someone in your corner, who is willing to put in several hours a day to stay ahead of the racing train that is technology today.

A Unique Opportunity Just For You

In business lingo, Dauntless.Solutions is a ‘Going Concern’ meaning that we will not be selling out to play golf in Florida. We will be sitting in our office analyzing data from clients and tracking down ways for you to see more success.

You have the opportunity to invest in your future. By teaming up with our business, we can each make a bigger difference by specializing in what we do best and doing it better.

What’s in Your Future?

Transform your website and your business with a custom business system.

Imagine what…

      …freeing up your time

      …increasing your income

      …never worrying about your website again

…will do for your family…your health…and your future...

The impossible becomes possible…for a few daring entrepreneurs. You just have to step out and take action.

Never Settle for Less,

Jeremiah Stover

P.S. Most of our staff have run their own business. Many still do. You may not think this important but every decision we make about your websites and system has the power to affect your business. We personally understand what's at stake here.

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10 minutes lasts a lifetime

Start Your Journey to a Brighter Future Today

A future awaits you that is all you’ve dreamed of and more...

We only have 2-3 client openings available each month (sometimes none).

After you complete a Business Systems Blueprint for your project, you can purchase Business Systems Creation by the week. Each 'week' fits neatly inside five business days. The work each 'week' will be performed by one or two of our specialists and their support staff. Please remember to look at the end of your Blueprint for the three plans on how to systematize your business along with the approximate number of weeks necessary to complete each option.

Before you are charged anything, we will look over your Blueprint and make sure that we have time to work on it. You will be contacted within 5 business days with our decision.

I run a lean company. Any other shop you go to will have more overhead and charge you more. Some entrepreneurs like you pay $20,000 per week for this kind of service. Since we can only offer openings to 2-3 new clients this month I urge you to buy today lest some other business see the success that could be yours.

Business Systems Creation by the week - $5,000 each

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10 minutes lasts a lifetime

To order by phone or if you have any questions please call Hannah toll free at 844-Dauntless (328-6853) 9am-5pm EST.

P.S. You can always leave a message and she will call you back as soon as possible.