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Jeremiah Stover

Senior Business Consultant, Project Architect, and Senior Developer

Hello folks, I’m the owner and visionary behind Dauntless Solutions and the senior business consultant on the team.

My years of experience running and consulting for small businesses has taught me that no matter how skilled we become as individuals none of us can do everything our growing business needs. This realization lead me to build a team of experts who play off of each other’s strengths and together transform businesses.

As a business owner myself I was tired of being handed corporate solutions so I built a team who walks the entrepreneurial path and are skilled at troubleshooting their way to the real problem and creating solutions for small business. Our goal is to make you more successful. We are here for you not just today but for the long run.

With a background in technology I am an information consumer with a phenomenal memory for facts and details. I make it my mission to keep up to date with the fast moving technology industry, encouraging my team to constantly push forward and continue their education. This is one of our team’s greatest advantages which means we grow ahead of our clients. We see the need coming and get ready before it arrives.

When I'm not working...

I am a systems fellow who sees life based on absolutes and cause and effect sequences. One of my favorite pastimes is building models that explain world view and why things in life work a certain way.

In my spare time I love to study and learn new things – growing my 3,000 volume business library energizes me. There is nothing I love better than buying another great book from which someone in my team or family can grow.

Speaking of family – I am close to my siblings (several of whom you will notice are part of my team) and enjoy spending time with them taking long hikes out in God’s creation and holding challenging discussions with them about ways we can impact our culture.

When I get a break I enjoy working on several ventures that are part of my long term vision. The one I am currently engaged on is where we are developing ways to teach young people personal discipline and responsibility.

Zechariah Stover

Business Consultant, Developer, and Multi-Media Specialist

As an outgoing individual I enjoy getting to know my clients and their businesses. I am an outside-the-box thinker which allows me to bring a very unique angle to our consulting team.

I am good at seeing beyond the surface, the distraction and pressure of the symptom, to pinpoint the problem. This is particularly important as we tackle each business comprehensively and design a core system that positions for greater growth.

I am an excellent tech who enjoys using my skill to automate business processes and save you time. The more successful you become – the more successful I am.

When I'm not working...

I am an athletic individual who enjoys physical, outdoor activity including running and bicycling. Currently I am the leader of a small cycling team in my town, and take great satisfaction in teaching these young people road safety skills.

Not only do I enjoy riding bicycles I also enjoy fixing them. Being mechanically inclined I am constantly tinkering on small to mid-size engines; anything that needs fixing.It does not stop there as I have also worked in construction and like to build things that save time and make life easier.

My hobbies include photography and videography with my latest camera being the Sony A 465. I enjoy photographing family and small gatherings. If you were wondering, most of the team shots on this website are either mine or Julia's.

In my spare time I enjoy following the independent film industry and occasionally help a crew by doing research for them. I continue to increase my videography skill by filming events and classes we sponsor as a company and editing the footage. Eventually I would like to find a good script and try a short of my own.

Julia Stover

Copywriter, and Marketing Specialist

I am a very intense, serious minded individual with a lot of drive. As the team copywriter I am active in producing the sales copy for our own websites as well as those of our clients.

My specialty is in writing sales pages that will increase revenue. I am also experienced in online marketing and am skilled at discovering the why behind your business; this allows me to uncover the niche where we are going to position you for greatest success.

When I'm not working...

In my spare time I enjoy learning new things especially when they pertain to new customer acquisition.

My hobbies include endurance sports including swimming and cycling. I also enjoy organizing marksmanship events with my brothers and keeping up to date on tactical and spacial awareness techniques.

I love photography and enjoy increasing my skill by taking candid shots of people at family gatherings and group events, many of the photos on this site are mine. I like using my camera as a conversation starter when meet new people and particularly enjoy letting little children sit on my lap and learn about the camera.

I am a really great cook, especially when it comes to cooking for large groups. With nine young people in my family there is always a hungry crowd around that needs to be fed. With so much going on I sometimes like to be alone to think and find it very relaxing to do a little sewing by myself.

Hannah Stover

Productivity Specialist, Business Consultant and Accountant

As the senior productivity and time management specialist I am a very practical individual who specializes in prioritizing responsibilities so we get the most done. I am the place where the dreams for next year (or five years from now) start to become reality as together we put in motion the plan that will get you there. My personality causes me to work with urgency so I am constantly pushing forward.

Years of experience in my own and client businesses enables me to understand each new company from a big picture, comprehensive view. This enables me to comprehend the systems behind your product or service.

As one of the team’s troubleshooters, I specialize in moving businesses forward by dealing with crunch points instead of going around them. I also bring a background in accounting to the table which lends a helpful angle as we consider the return on investment for each new project.

When I'm not working...

I enjoy learning new things especially when they relate to the field of small business where I am pursuing an interest in customer usability.

I love bicycling in the evenings with other members of my family. One of my favorite past times is gardening; my area of expertise centers around vegetable gardening as I like cultivating quantities of produce for our dinner table. The aspect of gardening that fascinates me most is proper soil conservation; I am currently experimenting with ways to decrease time spent in the garden while increases produce yield.

I love the out of doors, especially going for long hikes in the woods with my siblings. I particularly enjoy learning to identify new species of flora and fauna and find it very relaxing to photograph still shots in nature (my specialty being butterflies and flowers).

I am a family/relationship oriented individual who likes long deep conversations and doing just about anything so long as it is with the people I love.